Chrisodus (meathookmarty) wrote in poetrynshit,

The Two Autums: Realism in the blue gardens of Zelda Bennedicta

I arrived on the scene an hour after the world collapsed behind my back, torn apart by warring clans, and wondering if it's better this way..
a billboard frowns upon the confrontation, yellow and red flying through the night-standing in foot prints outlined in tire tracks and chalk, an angel spread it's wings where my mold is pierced by lightning
hurled down by the gods to justify what everyone else sees
but the mirror fails to depict.

It's 10:23
my pulse is going a thousand miles an hour
but my heart has stopped
it's so easy to accept the truth until it happens to you
and you realize that the truth has been replaced by murder and conspiring
over candle lit dinners and moon lit rendevous'
behind a billboard's back I'll tell it likes it is
reality's so circumstantial these days..when the air in the atmosphere has been replaced with cheap liquor and soft coniving jazz.
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